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St. Luke’s Family Practice

Faces of Hope is proud to partner with St. Luke’s Family Practice to provide comprehensive treatment to those experiencing domestic violence, sexual assault, or elder abuse. Housed at the Faces of Hope Victim Center building, Dr. King, specifically, provides a variety of services, to include: addressing the acute medical needs of victims age 14 and older; providing mental health services and referrals when related to interpersonal violence; and providing follow-up care such as laboratory testing, imaging, and emergency prescription management.

Dr. King’s warm demeanor makes each patient feel welcomed and safe, building the bond of trust, while simultaneously providing the medical care that they so desperately need.  St. Luke’s Family Practice is dedicated to providing every victim of abuse in Ada County with the medical services they need to thrive in life. We are proud that they are located, onsite, at Faces of Hope!

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St. Luke’s CARES

Faces of Hope is lucky to have a dedicated partnership in St. Luke’s CARES.  As an original  anchor tenant at Faces of Hope back in 2006, St. Luke’s CARES serves as the community resource for treating child victims of abuse.

St. Luke’s CARES (Children at Risk Evaluation Services) is a nationally accredited Child Advocacy Center.  CARES is a place where children who have suffered at the hands of abuse and neglect can talk about what happened and receive support and resources.  Established by St. Luke’s in 1989, CARES has been working tirelessly to provide children with the voice they deserve.  Every child who walks through their door will be interviewed and receive a well-child check up in a friendly environment with expert staff.  CARES will then go on to make sure each children receives the care they need to thrive.  This care can include medical care, legal documentation, and counseling and educational resources

Faces of Hope is proud to work right next door to the CARES center.  We know that if child abuse is happening within a family, then likely so is domestic violence and sexual assault, which makes their onsite presence at Faces of Hope even more important. Being able to see adults and children under one roof is a game-changer in helping the whole family heal from trauma. Through this important partnership, wrap-around services are provided to every victim in Ada County – young and old.

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Ada County Commissioner

Faces of Hope is so grateful for the continued leadership and support of the Ada County Commissioners.  The office of the Commissioners is one of seven elected offices and eleven county departments that make up the Ada County government.  As one of the fastest growing counties in the nation, Ada County is comprised of six cities including; Boise, Eagle, Garden City, Kuna Meridian, and Star.  Ada County offers a variety of amenities from family-friendly activities, to recreational abundance  that make it so appealing to the residents that call one of these six cities “home”.

Ada County has three fantastic commissioners, who have been long-term supporters for Faces of Hope: Mr. Jim Tibbs from District 1, Mr. Rick Visser from District 2, and Mr. Dave Case from District 3.  Without their support, Faces of Hope would not exist today because it is the Commissioners who help to provide the building and utilities that house our 18 partner organizations.

The mission of the Commissioners is simple: to be partners in our communities, to provide leadership, and to promote values that sustain our quality of life.  These three individuals ensure that the governmental organization of Ada County is running smoothly.  In addition, they serve as the voices for the districts they serve.   Faces of Hope is lucky to have partners who are so dedicated to the success of Ada County at large.

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Women’s and Children’s Alliance

Faces of Hope is proud to partner with the Women’s and Children’s Alliance (WCA) of Boise!  We work with the Women’s and Children’s Alliance to ensure the citizens of Ada County have access to every single service that they need.  The WCA seeks to foster a community where individuals thrive in safe, healthy relationships.  They seek to accomplish this through providing safety, healing, and freedom from domestic violence and sexual assault.

The Women’s and Children’s Alliance works diligently to provide a myriad of services to the victims they serve.  The WCA is home to two 24-hour hotlines specialized in Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault.  The WCA also houses a team of case managers who connect victims with a variety of long-term services and resources in the community.  If a victim is in need of a place to stay, the WCA provides a 120 day residential shelter program and transitional housing that boasts 56 beds.  In addition, the WCA works to provide victims with free safety planning sessions, one-on-one therapy session, or support groups to aid victims at any point in their healing process.  Finally, the WCA offers court advocacy services in the form of assistance filling out protection orders, legal referrals to attorneys and advocates who may be able to assist in casework and free attorney consultations.

Faces of Hope is lucky to partner with such a dedicated organization that works with us towards to creation of a safer community.  Together with the WCA, we provide a continuum of care for victims.  We are the triage and crisis-intervention Center, and they are the long-term support.

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Saint Alphonsus and Saint Luke’s Sexual Assault Forensic Examiner (SAFE) Program

Faces of Hope is proud to partner with Saint Alphonsus Health System and Saint Luke’s Health System, as we work together to provide victims in Ada County with the Sexual Assault Forensic Examiner (SAFE) Program.  The SAFE Program seeks to provide victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, and elder abuse with the specialized services they need.  The forensic examination process occurs after a sexual assault and is a specialized routine that requires trained, empathetic, and supportive personnel.  Victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, and sexual assault require a trained staff that understands the crime that has been committed against them, and understands what the victim is experiencing.  Faces of Hope is proud to house the SAFE Coordinator at the Center, full-time, in our attempt to provide our victims with the blanket of services they deserve.  By providing a well-trained team, we can ensure that those in need get the care that is appropriate for them, in an environment that is safe, warm, and welcoming, rather than in a busy emergency room.  Thank you Saint Luke’s and Saint Alphonsus for working with us to provide the SAFE Program to all victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, and elder abuse in Ada County

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Garden City Police Department

Faces of Hope is a proud partner with the Garden City Police Department.  With jurisdiction over Garden City, the department seeks to cultivate a sense of safety and pride.  Through utilizing a commitment to S.E.R.V.I.C.E., the Garden City Police Department works to instill safety, excellence, respect, valor, integrity, community, and empathy within the city limits.

Under Police Chief Rick Allen, the Garden City Police Department has dedicated itself to the community it serves.  Through the use of community policing, the Department expects commitment and empowerment by all members to emphasize the building and maintaining of community partnerships.  By valuing the “One City/One Team” approach to law enforcement, the elected officials, police, and other city departments have committed to partnering with the public towards improving quality of life issues.

Building a sense of community pride is important to Faces of Hope as we seek to make the populations we serve feel as comfortable and safe as possible.  We are grateful for Garden City Police Department’s support!

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